Panel A


  • WIFI / GSM / intranet alarm system: APP push, SMS, Voice monitoring, intranet center etc. Supports different alarm channels. Enjoy the intelligent life.
  • New smart host: HD 2.4-inch TFT color display screen, full voice prompts, button sensitive operation which is simpler.
  • English/Russian/Spanish/German/Polish/Chinese switchable: Supports multi-language menu display, voice operation prompts and alarm SMS settings. GSM network automatic proofreading to ensure accurate time display, supports time zone settings, Convenient for multi-area application.
  • Remotely monitoring alarm: When there is an invasion, the build in high decibel live alarm sounds  through the host, immediately sends an SMS notification and the APP message is pushed.
  • Configure RFID cards: Configure RFID cards. Supports 99 learning/storage location for remote controller, RFID cards and wireless detectors.
  • Multi-zone location settings: Such as gate, hall, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke detectors, gas detectors, and much more
  • Carbon monoxide,water leaking etc zone name settings
  • 5 types defense zones settings: Ordinary zone, Stay arm, 24-hour emergency, closed zone.
  • Doorbell zone which meets a variety of needs.
  • Timely notification: When there is an external power failure the built in battery becomes active.  APP pushes an SMS notification. When the external power returns , the APP pushes another message informing you of the situation.
  • 5 groups preset alarm phone numbers: SMS on/off and dial on/off can be set respectively
  • Timing arm and disarm: Set the arm and disarm in advance ability.
  • Delay function: User can determine the arm delay and disarm delay according to your own needs.
  • Add many types of accessories. All are available to you.